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Sony made some of the highest quality mini boomboxes, including this one. It's solid and beefy, way heavier than it looks. It's got a metal handle, big magnets, and great sound. It was sold in 1980 for a suggested 59,800 yen!




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Image It's got Line In, Line Out, separate bass and treble, Metal tape compatibility, and AMS music search. It also has a PLL sythesizer digital tuner with 14 station presets. To seek the next station, hold down the scan button until you hear a series of fast, rapid beeps. To set a station preset, hold down the memory button and press one of the preset buttons.


It measures 365 x 120 x 72 mm, and has 100mm speakers. It weighs 5.8 lbs, not including batteries (it takes four D-cells and two AAA's for station memory). For AC power you will need a special cable (maybe Sony-specific), because the cable input is smaller than normal.


Image Its power output is 2x2 watts according to the Japanese EIAJ/DC standard. It sounds crisp and punchy, with great separation and detail. Definitely better than most other minis. The unit shown here had its speakers re-foamed by Boomboxery member JVC Floyd. To remove the speakers, first you need to remove the grills, and there's a thin aluminum plate behind the grills that covers the screws.

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